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05 February 2020The History of Skyscrapers. - Talk begins at 2pm
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04 November 2020The Roaring Twenties. - Talk begins at 2pm
02 December 2020Beethoven at 250. - Talk begins at 2pm

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The History of Skyscrapers. -
Talk begins at 2pm
Anthea Streeter Wednesday 05 February 2020

This illustrated talk starts in the 1880's when high-rise building made its debut in Chicago and New York and looks at he distinct, stylistic phases of skyscraper design during the 20th Century.

Then we tavel East to the oil-rich countries of Asia Pacific where unprecendented economic gowth and technological developments have enabled architects and engineers overcome he ever-present threat of earthquakes and typhoons, allowing them to build higher and higher.